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Insurance Indsutry


If you have suffered water damage to your propery and it requires drying we can help you, we are not like drying companies who install ample amout of drying kit for as long as possible, we want to be pragmatic and get things done effecntly and effectivly.


Fire Survey

If you have had a fire at your property this will be a daunting experience for you, we can help you get through the process and assess building damage and content damage to help your claim run more smoothly and remove the stress.

Leak Detection

If you have a leak which you are unable to find we can help, we offer a non invasive and invasive tracing to find and pin point exactly where that leak has come from, gas tracing, thermal imaging, dye and acoustic insruments.

Damp Survey

If your insurance has send a third party and your claim has been declined or you has cash settled and require drying we can  help, we can offer you a full damp surveying with a BDMA ( British Damage Management Accosiaction) Technician which is insurance recongised to attend and give you a report within 48 Hours

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