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What Survey Do I Need?

Members of the RPSA offer a range of surveys that are suitable for all types and size of home. Only RPSA Surveyors offer products which are all based on a full and thorough inspection. 

- Home Buyer/Condition Survey
- Building Survey
- Buy To let Survey
- New-build snagging inspection
- Home Review (corporate clients only) 

Who are the RPSA?

  • The largest professional association representing independent specialist residential surveyors.

  • The RPSA is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising standards in the residential surveying world.

  • Recommended by Government in their HOW TO BUY GUIDE published by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

  • RPSA is the survey source of choice for many high street banks, building societies and lenders.

Home Buyer/Condition Survey

The survey report format has been specifically created to accurately depict the state of a conventional property that has been modernised, is of standard construction, and is not excessively large or complex. This format offers numerous features that are not commonly found in surveys of similar price range. These features include:

- Clear and easily understandable condition ratings, colour-coded for quick identification of significant issues.

- Multiple photographs and diagrams that assist in comprehending the intricacies of your new home.

- A report that is free from technical jargon, eliminating many of the frustrating caveats and exclusions often encountered in home buyer reports.

- A comprehensive debriefing session with the surveyor, who will address any queries or concerns you may have.

Buy To Let Survey

The Buy To Let Survey is exclusively offered by RPSA members. It is a one-of-a-kind survey specifically designed for traditional properties that are currently or will be rented out to tenants. This unique product not only helps landlords safeguard their investment but also ensures the safety of the home for tenants.

 In addition to all the benefits provided by the Home Condition Survey, it also takes into consideration health and safety matters that may affect tenants residing in the property. 

This survey covers all 29 hazard profiles identified in the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (HHSRS)* and includes a separate DASH

 - Decent & Safe Homes hazard review report.

 By opting for this survey, you demonstrate your care and concern for your tenants. 


Please note that it does not include a comprehensive assessment of hazard scores as defined by HHSRS.

Building Survey

Perfectly suited for larger, more intricate, aged, expanded, or higher-valued residences.

All the advantages of the Home Buyer/Condition Survey, in addition to...

- More detailed explanations of the construction and flaws

- Guidance on how to address and fix defects

- Insights into the consequences of neglecting repairs

- Awareness of potential defects that may exist.

New Build Snagging Survey

A necessity for every recently built residence

- The SOLE examination of its kind adhering to industry-compatible criteria

- Discovers "defects" in the quality of finishing

- Created to prevent disputes between buyers and developers by impartially recognizing unfinished or aesthetically unsatisfactory tasks

- Concentrates on the areas of the property that are visible, tangible, and utilised on a daily basis.

Take a Look

Whether you are buying your first home, a newly built home, up-sizing, downsizing, buying for investment purposes, or some other reason, a Precise Surveying Surveyors will deliver peace of mind in the form of a comprehensive and valuable survey report.


Unlike surveyors of old, all Precise Surveying Surveyors are members of the RPSA who work to the highest standards in the industry, carrying out full and thorough inspections that give you answers, not questions. 

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