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Damp Survey


Invasive/Non-Invasive survey

Each survey is carried out by our independent  Qualified Surveyor whose main objective is to provide a clean bill of health however will provide clarity on any damp and timber related issues. If requested, we can also provide you with estimated costs for damp and timber treatments to help you budget for the future.  




-Wall Profiling - using techniques to drill into the walls to see how far moisture/damp had penetrated.

-Salts analysis - To highlight if the cause from your damp is from rising dampness or an escape of water (leak) or weather damage.

-Borescopes - Used to investigate into your wall cavities and floor voids for investigation. 

-Pressure test - These are a test undertaken on your water system to identify any leaking pipes.


Roof Survey

At Precise Surverying, our fully qualified surveyors help clients understand the condition of each element of the roof, identify defects, and assess damage on their roofs.

We carry out an in-depth analysis of the roof, roof covering, supporting structures, gutters, rainwater system, tile condition, windows, skylights and chimney stacks.

Thereafter we provide our clients a comprehensive roof report (including photos) that includes advice on condition, defects, their apparent cause, urgency of repairs, maintenance options inclusive of algorithm guidance on the costs required to maintain or put the roof in sound condition.


Home Disrepair

-Disputes between private individuals and contractors regarding quality or cost of building work carried out
-Disputes between private clients and specialist suppliers, e.g. window suppliers regarding quality issues
-Advice and attendance at public enquiry on Compulsory Purchase matters
-Attendance at First Tier Tribunal in disputes between leaseholders and local authority regarding service charges
-Attendance at First Tier Tribunal on matters relating to leaseholder costs on major works were the contract value exceeded £30M
-Preparation of Expert Reports on criminal proceedings over defective building work with specific relation to value and quality
-Expert Witness Report on non-compliance with Building Regulations on new developments of two blocks of flats

We are fully aware of the formalities and protocol of producing independent and impartial evidence irrespective of who is paying the fees. Contact us for further information.

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